Just a little streetstyle…⭐


Shoes⭐Jeffrey Campbell 

Halter top and high waist skinnies⭐️Topshop 

Vintage floral top⭐️Stolen from mom’s closet. 


⭐️ Lancôme Teint Miracle Foundation 

⭐ Dior It Liner 

⭐ Urban Decay Naked 3 

⭐ Eylure lashes number 140 

⭐ Diorblush 859 Mimi Bronze 

⭐ Lancôme lipstick in Amuse Bouche 

Xoxo Cyberstarlette ❤❤❤


Navigating the world of makeup can be a tricky but enriching experience. From that first time you poked yourself in the eye with eyeliner when you were 12, to splurging on a designer foundation that turns out not to be your shade at 21, mistakes will be made. 😂

Here’s my comprehensive, personal list of makeup fails I’ve had to hang my head in shame and learn from. 

1) Discovering concealer and contouring for the first time. 

Right so Inglot’s cream concealed a give you an instant airbrushed look. So what do you do? You put it everywhere. And then you end up rocking up to college and some kind soul tells you that your face is DEFINITELY not the same shade as your neck. Or arms. Or legs. 😫

It looked good at home okay and I had a sweater on!! Not even a filter could disguise my orange face 😂

2) Overplucking 

Why is there a gap the size of the N1 between my eyebrows? I don’t know. 

No I do. It’s because the 2000s came with super thin brows and I was tweezer happy, as evident in exhibit A, where my eyebrows stop waaaaay before the inner corner of my eye good grief. 😬

Luckily I’ve embarked on a mission to regrow the missing part of my brows and now have that cute fluffy bit that’s a LOT more 2017. Phew. Why did no one ever mention this. 

(They did, I didn’t listen.) 

3) Wearing Glasses

All right so you do your foundation and mascara perfectly and leave the house. 2 mins later you have mascara stains on your lenses and head to the bathroom to clean them off. (Why did I do 3 coats even??) 

Then you’re shocked into sobriety by the fact that your cute Tom Ford glasses left HUGE RINGS on your cheeks where they settled into the heavy, barely dry foundation. 😳

Not a good look. Never remove your glasses in public if you did full coverage. 

4) False Lashes 

Oh aren’t these a marvel of modern science. Whether it’s lash extensions or strip lashes, that extra oomph is just- 

But cool, now you’ve either had your extensions for a day or two or have compulsively worn falsies for 3 days and it hits you: THE DREADED ITCHY EYE. 

Yes, you can SERIOUSLY hurt your eyes with too much of this stuff. Redness, soreness and that horrible never ending itch isn’t good. Remove that stuff and slap on some skin barrier repair cream before you have to rush to the GP with a legit infection. 

5) the Right Skin Treatments 

Psoriasis and eczema is no joke. As a Generalized Anxiety sufferer I occasionally get a lovely stress rash when I panic too much. 

Girl or boy, you cannot just cover this with more layers of that green concealer and powder. Get it checked out. Give your skin time to breathe. Invest in skincare products that treat the symptoms and creates a barrier between the rash and your makeup, your skin will thank you for it. 

6) Cutting your hair Yourself 

I liked this style. Don’t judge me, I thought it was cute and punky and snipping away at my bathroom sink felt kind of liberating.

BUT, and it’s a big but- the grow out was less punk and more what the funk. My entire head was different lengths and my hairdresser was shocked and I got a mouthful when I eventually had it fixed. 

Not my finest hour. 

7) Fake Body Jewelry 

I had my nose piercing (piercing number 16 at the time) for a grand total of 3 weeks before I realized it’s not the best piercing for going to auditions and castings that 99% of the time DON’T want you looking cute and edgy. 😑

So a wonderful alternative to still satisfy my obsession was these fake body rings from Lovisa. 

What’s the bad thing then, you say? 

Well I wore one to a trance festival and had it on for a solid 18 hours. I had an open wound on my nose from the way that devil thing punched me. Not pretty. Prone to infection. Dammit why don’t I think sometimes. 

⭐ all in all, we live and we learn to laugh about our mistakes (although I’m still sensitive about my eyebrows)⭐

Xoxo, CyberStarlet 💕

Quickie Mani ❤

Getting your nails done has become an expensive pastime. That is, until I popped into Sorbet and discovered their Quickie Manicures! ❤ Only R115 gets you a buff and polish in gorgeous colors with their special pro-gel or vinylux polish that literally GLOWS! 

Here’s my color du jour- 


Pair with a red lip and some flirty lashes and voila- you’re an old school screen siren. 

Xoxo, CyberStarlet ❤


You know how beauty bloggers are so quick with luscious lashes? The ones you get in a strip that looks like they were ripped from a doll’s face? 

I’m more of a lash extension girl myself but because of clients needing me to remove them for shoots it’s a pricey hobby. 

Thus I decided to belt myself in and give strip lashes a try. 

Picked up these from Clicks for about 50 bucks. They look cute and wispy and 70s. 

(⭐ Eyelure Texture number 153) 

How hard can it be? 

I put on mascara first for a base, and the removed the lash and gave it a trim so it fits. Great. Now for the glue. I applied some on my lash line to make it easier and then on the strip and waved it around waiting for it to get tacky. 

All right that wasn’t so bad? I had to press it in a lot but the glue dried clear. Then, the second one which I flopped with and promptly ripped off and started over. Mascara again, glue ritual- 

What is this. Why is it so hard to put it close to your lashline!!! 

This glue is a mess dammit. 

Great now I have clumps of it everywhere 

I tried to brush and pick the lashes apart with a tweezer which seems to help. 

Also it’s easier when you close your eyes and stick that shit down with your fingers. Clean up the mess later. 

Hold on, this doesn’t look too bad…

A little bit of makeup later…

Phew. What an ordeal. Practice makes perfect I suppose? 

Xoxo, Cyberstarlet 💕⭐

Ps. Guess I’ll get used to itchy eyes then. 

Dolce & Gabbana Foundation Review and OOTD 🔥

I never get tired of trying new foundation.  The D&G Perfect Luminous Liquid Foundation isn’t half bad, goes on silky and stays well, apart from some small creases which I guess is to be expected. I tried it out with a basic makeup look to give it a little test drive. 

Mascara: Diorshow Maximiser & Diorshow Extase 

Brows: Inglot Freedom Palette eyeshadow in 357 

Skin: D&G Perfect Luminous Liquid 

Cheeks: Tom Ford Bicoastal Cheek Duo (I used the highlighter shade) 

Lips: Tom Ford in 05 Coco Ravish 

I had to get a little more under eye coverage with my Mac Matchmaster because the D&G wasn’t quite my shade (test this properly before you buy!) and I was scared to layer it on in case I turn orange 😑 


Top and Skirt: Both Topshop (yes I’m a one trick pony most of the time 😂) 

May winter come soon and save us from this infernal heat, 

Xoxo Cyberstarlet 💎

Makeup and Primer Pairings 💕

You know when you buy a new primer and it somehow looks terrible with some of your foundations and amazing with others? Bane of my existence. 

Through trial, error and sheer luck, I have done some makeup math to find the perfect equation of stay all day foundation. 

1) Mac Prep & Prime and Lancôme Foundations 

Somehow using Lancôme foundations with the Lancôme La Base Pro ended up in a glorious mess no matter how hard I tried to make this one brand combo work. BUT with my basic Mac primer failing me with every other foundation, I discovered this gem of a combination by complete accident in a hurry one morning. The Prep and Prime literally makes the Lancôme formulas Not. Budge. An. Inch. I’m talking no creases or oxidation (you know, that thing where your makeup applies true to your skin tone but gives you that Donald Trump Orange within the hour) at all. A magic match! 

2) Lancôme La Base Pro and Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet 

I struggled to get Chanel’s lovely sleek and aqueous textured formula to not get flaky on my dry skin. The solution? Slathering La Base Pro all over my face. The Base Pro has a natural silicone feel and finish that makes an excellent texture for the lightweight Lumiere Velvet to settle on. Great for a cool day out and minimum fuss. 

3) Dior Dreamskin and Mac Foundations 

As well as being a fantastic skin treatment, Dreamskin creates this amazing “blur effect” upon application that instantly makes your skin look airbrushed. The primer inside it is great for heavier Mac foundations to stick to. 

What’s your primer and Base go to? Drop me a comment! 

Xoxo Cyberstarlet ⭐

❄️Good skin? Easy!❄️ 

Having skin that looks fantastic without makeup shouldn’t have to be a headache. After years of caking my face in foundation trying to hide my flaws, I set about trying to treat the root of the problem instead of relying on my trusty concealer. 

Here are my top tips for skin that glows! 

Before I even get to my go-to products, good skin starts in the kitchen. The kitchen sink. The faucet. I mean water. 💦

You can never get enough of this stuff. Even if you prep and prime with the most ladeedah skincare regime, pure old water is the key ingredient to flushing out impurities and keeping your skin plump and fighting signs of aging 💧 

Fridge wise, we all know the mantra that chocolate and spicy food gives you pimples, but that doesn’t mean you have to go vegan to clear your complexion. 🍌🍐🍇 limit your processed foods and sugar, for sugar makes your skin lose elasticity like nothing on earth. 

Once your diet looks (remotely) acceptable, these are the products that have helped me not want to hide my face in a scarf without makeup. 


Ah, the old classic, LA MER. These pots contain a concoction of mythical proportions, claiming their secret to be a miracle broth from kelp from the ocean. The original creator, Dr Huber, was said to even eat his La Mer! (Don’t do this though please) There are three consistencies to choose from, so pick one that feels the best for you personally. 

Why it’s great: a solid heavy duty moisturizer, this baby kicked my psoriasis around my mouth area out of my life. It smells like a French garden. A must for dry skin. 👌🏻

How to use: make sure you activate the miracle broth by warming the product on the tips of your fingers before applying. 

The Dior Hydra Life range is another great skincare regime that focuses on hydration for dry skin and anti-aging properties. 

Why it’s great: The formula is light and is absorbed into the skin instantly, leaving your skin feeling cool and refreshed. 


Dior’s Capture Totale Dream Skin is probably my favorite product of all time. You only need a small drop to make a big difference. 

Why it’s great: This formula is the best under makeup primer I’ve ever encountered, and works week after week to improve skin texture. Redness disappears before your eyes and it’s like an instant blur effect smooths out your completion like magic instantly after application! 

My other go to Dior product is the Diorsnow Bloom Perfect. With an spf of 35 it’s a must for sensitive and pale skin. The Diorsnow range was made with pale skin in mind, and is the best freckle protection I’ve used thus far. 

Chanel’s Week Of Chanel range contains a day cream, night cream, and this special concoction just for weekends. 

Why it’s great: this is a veritable spot zapping miracle. In spite of a good diet, hormones do crop up from time to time and this makes them disappear like magic. 

How to use: because of the very strong formula, Chanel Weekend should as the name indicates, only be used for two days on weekends. 


Masks are another way to treat and hydrate your skin with goodness once or twice a week. 

I adore The Body Shop’s new Fresh Face Mask range, it has a mask for every skin type and need. The British Rose mask gives your skin a lovely pink and plump glow. 

For exfoliation and getting rid of dead skin cells, I use the Chinese Ginseng and Rice mask. Instead of just leaving it on as usual, this one doubles as a scrub after your 15 minute treatment time is over. 

Lastly, Body Shop’s Super Soft Cleansing brush has been the antidote to those stubborn blackheads. After only 3 days of use I was surprised to not find a single pesky blackhead on my face. 

Why it’s great: the bristles feel like the softest animal in the world. I’m not kidding. So luxurious. When used in circular motions with your cleanser it removes dead skin and boosts circulation and healing through massage.


THE PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING! ❄️ let me know if you’ve tried any of these products and what you use to keep your bare skin photo ready! 

Xoxo, Cyberstarlet 💕


After nostalgically rewatching Pearl Harbor I found myself less interested in the mancandy and more in the everlasting staying power of the lipsticks these women wore? (A conundrum for a different day) 😑

But what stuck with me was the interesting shades of orange ((that didn’t even budge with kissing)) and I set out to find my perfect orange lippy. 

My winners ended up being from Lancômes new L’absolu Rouge line as well as the new Dior Rouge line 😍 

The matte Dior is silky soft on your lips and a gorgeously vibrant shade, although because of its powdery texture it seems to wear off pretty fast :/ 

The Lancôme cream lipstick is oh so creamy and shiny and has a more neon hue I was doubtful about (pale skin and neon? Blehhh) BUT worn with luminous skin it sets off my freckles perfectly. 

🍑here are the results🍑

It’s just the right pop of color for summer. And if you’re terrified of the thought of wearing something bright on your lips, get that hue in your hair a la Paramore. 😄

Xoxo, Cyberstarlet 🍊⭐🍊

Tom Ford Bicoastal Cheek Duo Review! 🌟

Listen up starlets, there is now a standalone Tom Ford at the V&A Waterfront and it is gloriousssss. The first thing that caught my eye was this delicious limited edition sheer cheek duo.

This highlighter and blush duo is perfect for summer, leaving a sheer, sunkissed finish from the highlighter and a “don’t make me blush” pink from the deeper pink shade. 

The glowing white and gold packaging is lovely to look at but I was slightly dissapointed with the quality. Tom Ford is known for their beautiful packaging, but the slightly plastic feeling leaves a bit more to be desired. 

The shades themselves are gorgeous, and definitely suited for a more sheer look than a highly pigmented one. I’ve found they look better dusted on with a fibrous brush than a thick kabuki, and look just as pretty over bare skin as opposed to a full coverage look. ​

Getting the swatches to appear pigmented for a photograph was challenging, as they reflect much better under natural light and can be drowned out under artificial lighting. 

OVERALL SCORE: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ out of 5 Stars

(If the packaging felt more solid and didn’t just look good aesthetically it might have been 5) 


Xoxo, Cyberstarlet 

Botticelli Angel 💋

I was wary when I saw a lip tutorial using black lipliner under red for more definition. Yes in theory it seemed revolutionary, but in practice- messy. But nevertheless I was happy with the results. 

The vampire Armand maybe? I think yes. 

Products used: 

❤️ Mac Matchmaster foundation 

❤️ Urban Decay Naked 3 palette 

❤️ Maybelline lipstick 

❤️ Any old black eyeliner for the lip lining 

❤️ Inglot freedom palette 

❤️ Lancôme Hypnose Doll Eyes and Le Volume de Chanel mascara 
✨ Top: H&M 
Xoxo Cyberstarlet 💋